Six: Revolution!

After ejecting the Mexican Army from San Antonio in December 1835, most of the Texas revolutionaries, including David Kokernot, went home to await Santa Anna's retaliation. It came barely two months later at the Alamo. Kokernot met Houston's retreating army and accompanied them eastward, pursued by Santa Anna, until they approached the Kokernot home on the San Jacinto River. There, David took leave of the army to deliver his family to Galveston, where he placed them on a New Orleans bound schooner. He returned to the army either just before or just after the deciding battle of the revolution. Kokernot's various accounts of the hours around the battle are often confused and conflicting, but I have studied all available evidence and created a timeline of his activities that reveals why he was not completely forthcoming about his movements.

David Reminisces
War Again!
To the Waters of Peach Creek
Tories Strike Back
Tory Chase
David and Caroline Kokernot's Children
Finest Looking Man I Ever Saw
Well Nigh Dead
Barbarous Strife and Drunken Debauch
"I Came to the United States with My Father"
"I Was Born in the City of Amsterdam"
Who Was David Kokernot and Why Should You Know Him?
The Author