Five: "Finest Looking Man I Ever Saw"

David’s 1831 arrival in Anahuac with his family coincided with the first shots of the Texas Revolution. After buying a home on the nearby San Jacinto River, he quickly fell in with those firebrands who were pushing for war and enthusiastically participated in the violence of the "Anahuac Disturbances" that fall. On a later visit to Nacogdoches, he fell into conversation with Sam Houston, and each discovered they shared the same views toward the coming revolution and a distaste for the long established anglos in Texas, “Tories,” who did not support the war and with whom Kokernot would later clash. Four years passed before Kokernot was called to make good on his bravado after a small unit of the Mexican Army landed on the coast of Texas, marched to San Antonio, and occupied an old mission, San Antonio de Valero on the outskirts of town. In October 1835 David Kokernot saddled up and headed to Gonzales, where he enlisted as Private Kokernot and pondered, along with his fellow soldiers, how they would eject the Mexicans from the city.

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