Seven: Tory Chase

After the Battle of San Jacinto Sam Houston detailed David Kokernot to harass the local anglos who had not supported the war. This was an impulsive, punitive action by Houston that got out of hand due to Kokernot’s drinking. This month-long expedition culminated in a reprimand by the President of Texas and Kokernot’s assignment offshore aboard the privateer Terrible. After his return, Kokernot, by now intensely unpopular, was assigned to the Louisiana border temporarily. On his return from there, he collected his back pay and land certificates due him for his service and retreated to his home on the San Jacinto River, surrounded by the neighbors he had victimized after the battle. Among the first things to greet him was an indictment for horse theft.

David Reminisces
War Again!
To the Waters of Peach Creek
Tories Strike Back
Tory Chase
David and Caroline Kokernot's Children
Finest Looking Man I Ever Saw
Well Nigh Dead
Barbarous Strife and Drunken Debauch
"I Came to the United States with My Father"
"I Was Born in the City of Amsterdam"
Who Was David Kokernot and Why Should You Know Him?
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